10 ways to save a little more

Saving you seems a project almost impossible to achieve. However, a flexible and realistic budget will offer you the opportunity to save much more easily than you think.

An effective strategy is to save small amounts in different categories. This is better than depositing a larger amount into your savings account at the end of the month. You can consider this as the principle of the “piggy bank”. You put only coins in your piggy bank yet, the amount increases quickly if you deposit every day. You will find this particularly if you get your “coins” from several places.

Here are 10 ways to save a small amount of money every day, every week and every month.


1. Take your coffee (or tea) at home.

You will find it nice to have your coffee at the little restaurant in the area. However, you should know that you will save $ 1 or more each time you take it home.


2. Cancel or consolidate your entertainment expenses.

You can cancel your cable subscription and reduce the number of your services continuously. Do not abandon them all, but keep one at a time. You will save up to $ 10 or more per month.


3. Consolidate your debts.

3. Consolidate your debts.

If you have multiple credit cards, consolidate them into one account. If the amount of your debts does not exceed $ 1000, consider a personal loan online as a good option to transfer the balance of your card. With consolidation, you will pay less interest, which will be a significant amount of money at the end of each month.


4. Reduce the cost of an item you buy each week.

cost of an item

It does not matter if you buy bread, milk, bananas or whatever, choose a cheaper brand. In this way, if you buy this item often, you will save each time you take it.


5. Prepare your lunch.

If you eat at the restaurant most of the time, consider bringing a homemade meal. Even if you cook your lunch with quality foods, they will cost you less than a meal in the restaurant.


6. Use the money and save the coins.

6. Use the money and save the coins.

Why not literally deposit your coins in a “piggy bank”? Make a habit of keeping all the coins handed to you after a cash purchase. You will be surprised how fast the money adds up.


7. Open a savings account.

Open a savings account.

Where will you deposit all these small savings? You could open a savings account with interest. It will not make you rich, but every month, it will add a few cents or a few dollars to your savings without any effort on your part.


8. Reduce your energy costs.

8. Reduce your energy costs.

It will not require great sacrifices on your part. If you lower the thermostat on your water heater by five degrees, you will save about 3-5% of your monthly energy bills. You will probably not notice the change when you take a shower.


9. Walk when you can.

Walk when you can.

Consider walking instead of using the car or public transit. If you get there at least once a week, you’ll save a dollar or more in gas or transport tickets.


10. Buy generic products.

10. Buy generic products.

Find an item that you buy regularly and choose to take the less expensive generic product instead of the more expensive brand. You will find that you are not sacrificing quality by making these changes since they contain the same ingredients.

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