Purchase of real estate loans and consumption


Do you have real estate loans and consumer loans? You have the opportunity to finance a mortgage with a buyback of consumer credit.

That is to say that the financial body will negotiate with the banking partner to consolidate all of your credits, to ultimately get a single loan to repay. However, it is possible to take back only part of the credits contracted if you wish.

As with any type of loan consolidation, the purchase of a home loan with the integration of a consumer loan makes it possible to obtain a single loan at a fixed and reduced rate for a given period of time. Generally, since the total sum of real estate consolidation and conso is greater than the amount of a buyback of consumer credit alone, the concept of mortgage collateral will often come into play.

Attention: In the case of a mortgage that has been contracted for a property under construction, it will not be possible to make a purchase of credit type immo and conso. Indeed, to implement it, it is necessary to carry out an expertise of the real estate, expertise impossible to realize for an incomplete construction. However, consumer credits may be taken from their side as part of a credit redemption.

Most of the time, when buying real estate loan and conso, the rate is the same for all the purchase of credits. Nevertheless, it is possible, but much more rare, to have a rate for the redemption of home loans different from the purchase of consumer credits. It will depend on the banking partners.

Note: In addition, if you have a mortgage and a bank overdraft, you can also combine these two elements, the bank overdraft is considered a form of credit.

For whom, how much and how long?

Duration of credit redemptions

  • The purchase of real estate loans concerns only the owners. The duration can not generally exceed 25 years.
  • The duration of a purchase of real estate loans varies according to the banking partners as well as the situation and the needs of the client.
  • If you are between 18 and 95 years old (maximum age on the end date of the credit) and the total amount of your consumer and real estate loans is between € 22,000 and about € 1.5 million, you It will be possible to benefit from a consumer loan buyback incorporating a home loan.

The advantages of the purchase of real estate and consumer loans

The advantages of the purchase of real estate and consumer loans

Loan consolidation offers a real simplification in the repayment of credits. No more multiple credits, varied interlocutors, different rates and monthly payments too high! As a homeowner, consolidating consumer and real estate loans makes it easier to manage your budget by reimbursing only one monthly payment adapted to your situation, all without necessarily changing banks.

Your advisor negotiates with the banking partners the most interesting and flexible offer for you in order to reduce the amount of credit by extending the repayment period and to allow you to have an improved rest to live, thus rebalancing your budget. The implementation of a credit redemption will also give you the opportunity, if you wish, to finance a new project, including the inclusion of cash.

In addition, if you want to renegotiate your mortgage, the purchase of credits conso + immo is an indirect way to do so because you get a single lower rate for all of your loans than the separate rates you had.

Accompanies you in your group of credits


Make a credit consolidation integrating both your real estate + consumption loans, request to use a specialized organization in the field. The first credit redemption organization to obtain ISO 9001 certification. Through this quality standard, we commit ourselves to our customers to meet their needs in the most efficient way possible. Listening and customer satisfaction is essential for us.

Since 1998, we have been a structure dedicated to the repurchase of credit recognized by all the banks with which it maintains trustful relations on a daily basis. Our role as a broker and our experience allow us to have multiple solutions, broader than a conventional credit institution. The ISO9 001 certification acquired in 2006 is a guarantee of quality that involves several principles such as speed, human approach, expertise or professional secrecy.

Purchase of credits is personal because it is related to the situation (professional, family, etc.) and the need of each. By pooling their loans, some customers want to rebalance their monthly budget while others are considering the realization of new projects (car, work, etc.). This is why accompany each request for financing in a personalized way. The customer is supported by a consultant who is dedicated to him and will make every effort to find the best offer of a grouping of credits according to his situation. All steps related to the purchase of loans are managed by the advisor.

In each situation, a single credit redemption exists. For the owners, several solutions are possible. Will help you to get a credit union more easily because the guarantee level is higher. For example, landlords FCC or FICP (not mortgage) can sometimes benefit from a pool of credits because their property can serve as a guarantee. Renters registered FICP and FCC files can not benefit.

How to benefit from the repurchase of mortgage and conso?

How to benefit from the repurchase of mortgage and conso?

To benefit from a purchase of credits conso + immo, it is very simple, you just need to make a simulation of repurchase of a mortgage on our site thanks to our simulator. Upon receipt, an advisor will send you a first opinion in principle very quickly. Then, after sending us a completed file, your advisor will negotiate the best offer for your situation with our banking partners. Following the agreement of the bank, you will receive the final agreement regarding your financing.

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